Holy Ground

Collaboration with Elle Udaykee Trapkin. Concept, videography & music by AWG.

The First Fish to Walk on Land

Film by James Herbert & Elle Udaykee Trapkin. Music by AWG.

Reality Check Demo Reel

Selected performances by the Gnosis Performance Group (including works by Mind's Eye).
Music, visuals & artistic direction by AWG.

Amy Love

Video by Sabina Maja Angel. Concept by Elle Udaykee Trapkin & AWG. Music and libretto by AWG

The Complacency Waltz

Video & music by AWG

Jerome Newton & the Band Who Fell to Earth

David Bowie/Glam Rock Tribute Band - AWG, music directo and keyboards


Rock opera, music, book, media design by AWG - from 2007 workshop performance.

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