Z-Axis "Music from Reality Check"

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Track listing:

1. Name Your Poison 4:44
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2. Slow Glass 6:23
Smoke & Mirrors
The Light of Other Days
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3. Emperor's Cascade 6:49
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Entropy & Alchemy (Tracks 4-7)

4. Holy Ground 3:46

5. Sky Song 6:50
Heavy Breathing

6. Silhouettes 5:01
Complacency Waltz
Blast from the Past

7. Ebb & Flow 4:48

8. Suspension 8:48

9. In the Country of the Blind, the
One-Eyed Man is King
Night Music
In the Loop
Busy Day
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10. Homecoming 6:20

11. Slat Dance 5:26
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Total Time: 70:30


Mark Baker
Guitars, E-Bow & Devices

Jeff Tyson
Bass, Percussion & Devices

Phillip Hart
Acoustic & Electronic Percussion

Allen Welty-Green
Keyboards, Programming & Percussion

All music composed by AWG for the multi-media performance event Reality Check, which premiered at 7-Stages Theater in Atlanta, GA in 1999.

Recorded at AG Media Studio. Produced and engineered by AWG. Recorded exclusively on an Apple Macintosh.

Special thanks to Jason Litchford, L.E. Udaykee, Jenny Welty-Green, Ann Green Emans, Clay White, Ellisa Valo, Kirk Wille, Maxine Hull, Helen Blythe-Hart, Madeleine St. Romain & Wanda Baker

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