Z-Axis "Concatenations"

Track listing:

1. Out of Hand (AWG) 5:14

2. Whitewater (AWG w/David Parr) 6:43

3. Too Clever by Half (JT) 9:00

  • I. The First Casualty
  • II. The Precedent of the Benighted Snakes
  • III. 6 1 6

4. The Grey Neighbours (MB, PH, JT, AWG) 3:50

5. Big Bend (JT) 6:14

6. Dry Land (AWG) 3:33

7. She Had To Go Live With the Lizards
(JT, Madeleine St. Romain) 3:43

8. Betrayal (from Amy Love) (AWG) 2:18

9. Put Out the Cat (AWG) 3:44

10. Columbia Dam (AWG) 3:51

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Concatenations also includes the following QuickTime video clips:

Z-Axis Live @ Roguefest
• (She Had To Go) Live With the Lizards
• Name Your Poison
• Emperor’s Cascade
Shot on location at the New American Shakepeare Tavern, Atlanta, GA, July 18th, 2004
Featuring Z-Axis & Hillary McDowell
Videography by Trevon Broad & others
Music by JT, AWG & Z-Axis

Holy Ground
Shot on location in Cherokee Caverns, TN.
Featuring Elle (Udaykee) Trapkin
Videography by AWG
Music: “Holy Ground” by AWG & Z-Axis

Reality Check Collage
Featuring Elle (Udaykee) Trapkin, Jason Litchford, Berkerly Davenport & Z-Axis
Videography by Gary Conn, Cass George, Joe Dickerson & AWG
Music: “Slat Dance” by AWG & Z-Axis


Mark Baker
Guitars, E-Bow, Backing Vocals

Phillip Hart
Drums & Percussion

Jeff Tyson
Bass, Percussion, Primary Vocals

Allen Welty-Green
Keyboards, Electronics, Percussion, Melodica & Incidental Guitar

With Special Guests:

Chip Epsten
Violin (Track 6)

Fiery Church Lady
Voice (Track 1)

Beth Heidelberg
Flute (Track 10)

Madeleine St. Romain
Voice (Track 7)

Harold Timms
Additional Guitar (Tracks 1 & 9)
Sitar & Lap Steel Guitar (Track 6)

Elle Trapkin
Voice (Track 8)

Cover Paintings by Madeleine St. Romain
Cover Design by AWG
Produced & Engineered by AWG and Z-Axis
Mastered by Jeff Rackley

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