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Mind's Eye Demo, etc.

This is Mind's Eye's 1990 demo reel. It also includes an interview with Litchford and Green which was produced by "Local Color", a show on Memphis, TN's PBS affiliate in advance of Mind's Eye's appearance at the Memphis Contemporary Art Center in 1989. Lastly, a TV promo spot for another Memphis appearance, produced by the local Memphis arts publication, "Number Magazine" and featuring footage from some of Mind's Eye's earliest work.

Mind's Eye Group - 1987 Excerpts

Excerpts from Mind's Eye's earliest works up through 1987 - including clips at MTSU, The Cohen Bldg at Vanderbilt and The World's End.

The Mind's Eye Performance Group - CAT show

The Mind's Eye Performance Group was active in the late 80s/early 90s in Nashville, TN and at colleges and art spaces across the Eastern US. Mind's Eye was movement artist & conceptualist Jason Litchford and composer/multi-media artist Allen Green (now Welty-Green). They worked with other dancers and performers as well. This is the program they produced with director Gary Conn for Nashville's Community Access TV in 1990. They are joined by dancer Catherine (C.A.) Wolfe. This video includes three Mind's Eye signature works - Slow Glass, Still Waiting, and Slat Dance. It also includes two sequences that were cut from the original program due to time constraints, Random Logic (performed by Wolfe) and Pushing the Envelope (performed by Litchford). Interstitial computer graphic sequences were created on an Atari ST computer using primitive graphic software written by Beat Zenerino.

The Waiting Room

This is one of the earliest of the Mind's Eye Group's collaborations. We worked with choreographer Claudia Edwards and the Vanderbilt University Dance Ensemble, and with students of Don Evan's Multi-Media art class to create this piece. The piece was performed in the beautiful marble lobby of the Cohen Building at Vanderbilt, taking the room itself as inspiration. The audience watched the performance from the balconies, and the four musicians were in each corner of the room. Don's students created a series of handmade slides that were projected over the dancers from above. One part of the piece had the room in complete darkness, while a performer clad in hundreds of specks of glow-in-the-dark performed. She looked like a swarm of fireflies suspended in the darkness. Unfortunately, that image was unable to be effectively captured on video, thus the video is black for a few minutes midway through the piece. (the section was later re-purposed into a Mind's Eye repertoire piece called Still Waiting). The music was performed by Allen Welty-Green & Jason Litchford of Mind's Eye, along with Phillip Hart and Steve Garner, on vibraphone, marimba, drums, percussion, flute, mandolin and acoustic guitar. The music for the "Still Waiting" dark section features Garner's unique technique for coaxing shimmering harmonics from an open-tuned guitar. This video combines footage shot on two nights by Beat Zenerino, with an audio track recorded on a Sony PCM digital recorder by Tony Gerber.

Other videos in chronologial order:

Fringe Dances

The first collaboration between Allen Welty-Green and Jason Litchford - with the Tennessee Dance Theater and C Ra McGuirt. A mixed bag of multi media, performance art, dance, music, mime, etc. Definitely still finding our way! Not included on this; In the Country of the Blind, the One Eyed Man is King (below), which was later shot at Community Access studios and looks WAY better than it did here!

In the Country of the Blind, the One-Eyed Man is King

Full version:

Dance sections only:

This is Allen Welty-Green (then just Green) and Jason Litchford's first pre-Mind's Eye collaboration, including members of the Tennessee Dance Theatre, circa 1986. This was Welty-Green's first dance score.

The Mind's Eye Performance Group & Gnosis at the World's End

The first incarnation of Mind's Eye featured Allen Welty-Green and Jason Litchford, along with dancer Ita Hardesty only did two events. This one was our swansong in that line-up. The work we did in this incarnation tended to lean on more concrete imagery and less fantastical elements. This was performed in the "event room" of a restaurant/bar called "the World'd End". This performance included embryonic versions of two Mind's Eye signature pieces, Mask & Duck from Space. It also includes maybe the ONLY time AWG stepped out and actually sang with Mind's Eye. It marks one of only two events Mind's Eye did with other musicians besides AWG. The centerpiece of this event was an extended piece called Mid American Gothic, that included songs that would stay in AWG's repertoire up through current times.

Mind's Eye, Space for Music 1987

Jason and Allen perform at the 1987 Space for Music Festival at MTSU. This was the premier of Slow Glass and Slat Dance, two of Mind's Eye's signature pieces. Also includes a music interlude by Allen while Jason changes costumes.

The Waiting Room Gallery Works

This was the "gallery" part of our Vanderbilt University Cohen Bldg show. This show became the template for the next few gallery shows. Opening with Slow Glass. Ending with Slat Dance. In between, we did Mask, Monkey Trial (from the World's End show), and a new piece, The Law, created with 2 of Don Evan's students, Yong Ri and Ouisha. This was also the last Mind's Eye show with "a band".

The Mind's Eye Group at MTSU, 1987

The Mind's Eye Group at MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN, 1987. Featuring the very end of Boxcars (the body of the piece wasn't taped due to a technical glitch), and early version of Slow Glass, one of the last performances of The Law, a Wire & Silk music break, and a "fly space & trap door" version of Mask.

Mind's Eye at Cheekwood, 1988

Mind's Eye's 1988 Cheekwood Performance, including Building Fires featuring Lee Anne Allen, the Joiners photo collage piece inspired by the David Hockney joined-photo exhibit in the Cheekwood gallery at the time, and the "red suit" version of Body Language MIDI interface.

The Mind's Eye Group at MTSU, 1989

An Evening of Southeastern Performance at MTSU in Murfreesboro, TN, 1987. Featuring an early film/dance incarnation of Random Logic, Pushing the Envelope, and the "exposed" incarnation of Body Language. Also including the big "curtain call" theme including our guest performers for the evening, LE Udaykee (aka Elle Trapkin) and the Gateway Performance Company.

Silhouettes, etc. at Vanderbilt's Sarratt Cinema, 1991

The Mind's Eye Group at Vanderbilt's Sarratt Cinema in Nashville, TN, 1991. Featuring the first incarnation of Silhouettes (featuring the phosphorescent backdrop), and the final Nashville appearances of The Duck From Space and Slat Dance.

The Altered Sky & Body Language at the Darkhorse Theater

The first-ever performance in the new-and-still-raw Darkhorse Theater in Nashville TN. Featuring the full stage incarnation of Body Language - infrared MIDI environment, and The Altered Sky collaboration with Atlanta artist Edith Kelman and her Fiber and Light environments. Also, one of the last performances of The Duck From Space.

Miscellaneous Mind's Eye Stuff - incl rehearsals and auditions

Including The Fringey Guy video; the Random Logic video; the Gnosis/Mind's Eye debut at Space for Music 1986; rehearsals in the East Ridge Garage with Ita, Jason, Wolfie (including the very first Salt Dance experiments); Slat Dance rehearsal at Cohen Building, and the "audition tape" with Lee Anne, and others.