Mind's Eye Chronology

Fringe Dances @ The John Galt Theater, Nashville, TN, February 14 & 15, 1986
Debut of Jason and Allen's working relationship. Also the Nashville premier of The Duck From Space, Mind's Eye's longest-lived piece.

Space for Music, Don Evan's farm, Nashville, TN, Summer 86 (exact date unknown)
Jason & Allen's first show with Ita Hardesty (as Gnosis), as part of multi-act outdoor festival. Premier of Mask.

Mind's Eye w/Gnosis @ World's End, Nashville, TN, November 29, 1986
The Mind's Eye name is coined. Performed with band. Jug masks one and only appearance. Only Mask and Duck made it into long-term repertoire. Monkey Trial premiered and was around for a few shows. Gnosis was the band name.

Space for Music, MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN, Winter 1987 (exact date unknown)
Jason & Allen part of multi-act festival. Slow Glass & Slat Dance both premiered.

The Waiting Room @ The Cohen Building, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, April 2 & 3, 1987
The first part of the show was a gallery performance featuring Slow Glass, Slat Dance, Monkey Trial, Mask and the premier of the Law. This show became a template for many shows to follow. Last show with band. The second part was a collaboration with the Vanderbilt dance group and Don Evan's students performed in the marble-tiled lobby with the audience in the balconies above. Still Waiting premiered as part of this piece.

Water Tower Art Association, Louisville, KY September 11, 1987
Our first "away" show. We had a large entourage incl. Jeanie Ashmore, Cathy Carpenter, Steve Garner, Kevin Guinn, Danny Sulkin, & Lola Garrison. Great reception and approached for a commission by ArtsWatch. Show was basically the same as Waiting Room Gallery show, with Still Waiting and Duck added. This would be our "set" for the next few shows.

Mattress Factory Show, Atlanta, GA, November, 1987 (exact date unknown)
Insane art party in derelict mill. Lee Anne & Lori Ladabauche join. Allen got onstage and performed the male part of Monkey Trial for the first time.

MTSU Tucker Theater, Murfreesboro, TN, November 24, 1987
Special guest artist Leslie Neal as opener. Jason & Allen had seen her work early in 1987 at Alternate ROOTS festival. Boxcars premiers but only partially videoed. Who choreographed? Was it Marci? Or Lee Anne?

The Upstairs Gallery, Tryon, NC, April 1, 1988
Our next "away" show. Hung out with back porch bluegrass pickers for after-show party. Lee Anne now our only dancer.

Vanderbilt Univ Sarratt, Nashville, TN, April 11, 1988
Part of VU's Rites of Spring series. Monkey Trial and The Law both retired after this show. Body Language MIGHT have premiered here.

Cheekwood. Nashville, TN, May 28, 1988
Performed for opening of David Hockney exhibit. Created Joiners for the show. Also premiered Lee Anne's Building Fires.

Kentucky Center for the Arts, Louisville, KY, June 10, 1988
Presented by Artswatch. Same program as Cheekwood.

Alternate ROOTS Annual Meeting, Black Mountain, NC, August, 1988
Turning point in many ways. Allen's ongoing relationship with ROOTS started here.

Arts Festival of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, September, 1988
We were supposed to premier "Tangrams" but the show was rained out. Which is good, because the piece wasn't really ready. We never resurrected it.

NACA Regional Showcase. Winston-Salem, NC, September, 1988
Time to turn pro.

S Cooper Gallery, Memphis, TN, October 29, 1989
Number mag fundraiser. Made some good friends here. Jay Anderson and Coleman Coker bought us a dissolve unit for our slides.

ETSU, Johnson City, TN, November 21, 1988
First pro college gig. Coined the phrase "Realizations for Music, Movement and Media" around this time.

NACA National Showcase, Nashville, TN, January, 1989
A tech nightmare - tape playback unit malfunctioned. Ballroom too bright for some of our pieces to "read". In front of about 3000 college kids all there to book acts! Nevertheless, we got work from this.

Memphis Center for Contemporary Art, Memphis, TN, March 10 & 11, 1989
Interviewed for local PBS show.

Looby Theater, Nashville, TN, April 8, 1989
Looby becomes our "home base".

Eastern KY University, Richmond, KY, April 18, 1989
This show is mention in a blurb for our Spring 89 tour, but I can't find any documentation. I believe this is when Beth Williams subbed for an unavailable Lee Anne.

MTSU, Murfreesboro, TN, April 23, 1989,
"An Evening of Southeastern Performance". We hosted GAME & LE Udaykee. Lee Anne's last show. We premier Neuro Logic film/dance.

Upstage, Decatur, GA, April 28 & 29, 1989
Wolfie's first show with us. Space later renamed Picasso's.

Austin Peay, Clarksville, TN, May 3, 1989
Forgettable show. Maybe 8 people in audience. Jason given wrong cue and performs half of Mask offstage before realizing the problem. .

Picasso's, Decatur, GA, May 26 & 27, 1989
ROOTS Sampler showcase. Synthesizer melt-down. This was the last Mind's Eye show with live music.

Picasso's, Decatur, GA, August 4 & 5, 1989
That place is becoming home-away-from-home.

Looby Theater, Nashville, TN, August 19, 1989
Wolfie makes the Neuro Logic (aka Random Logic) "hand dance" - sans film - her own. The film later becomes a stand-alone bit

Ornamental Metal Museum, Memphis, TN, September 22, 1989
Outdoor art party "Counterfest" next to river. Slow Glass only.

Plowman to Poland Benefit, Nashville, TN, (date unknown, circa 1989)
One-off performance of Slow Glass at local rock club as a favor to the band Grinning Plowman.

Univ of West FL, Pensacola, FL, October 12, 1989
First stop in mini-tour.

Troope St Theater, Bainbridge, GA, October 13, 1989
Second stop in mini tour.

Univ of FL, Gainesville, FL, January 27, 1989
Marci's first show with us. Premier of Full Circle - the turntable piece that was never videoed.

Univ of MO, Columbia, MO, March 6, 1990
"Totally Tripindicular" - student comment.

Looby Theater Nashville, TN April 6 & 7, 1990
Supposed to be premier of Octaflex, but prop wouldn't cooperate. The piece was never resurrected.

Arts Exchange Atlanta, GA, April 13 & 14, 1990
Forgettable, except for Dalton College people that saw us there and booked us. Maybe 12 people in audience each night? First phase of Sandra Hughes consultancy.

Wake Forest Univ, Winston-Salem, NC, April 21, 1990
First stop on our east coast tour. Flats onstage fall down in darkness. No one hurt. Just embarrassed.

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, April 23, 1990
Second stop of tour. Maybe our best-ever show. Everything just worked. We also led our first workshop with the
Va Tech students.

NYU, New York, NY, April 24, 1990
Third and final stop of tour. Our NY debut. Hassles with venue being unable (or unwilling) to get us what we needed. Red curtain. Uncooperative tech crew. No dressing area (had to make our own with coat racks). Agents and presenters in audience. They weren't impressed.

Dalton College, Dalton, GA, May 24, 1990
Small crowd. Subdued show. Rear projection screen. Weird.

ROOTS Festival, 7 Stages Theater, Atlanta, GA, October 6, 1990
Also a Southern Arts Exchange showcase. Shared bill with LE Udaykee

Darkhorse Theater, Nashville, TN, December 7 & 8. 1990
The Altered Sky collaboration with Edith Kelman and her fiber/light installations, also Body Language onstage MIDI environment. Live music again.

Vanderbilt Univ Sarratt, Nashville, TN, September 26, 1991
Last ever show in Nashville. Premiered Silhouettes (culmination of Sandra Hughes consultancy). LE Udaykee shared bill with us.

Sanger Theater, Mobile, AL, November 14, 1991
Daytime family show. Not sure of exact date. Diane Lassila subbed for Marci. So much ambient light in theater we used blacklights for Still Waiting - very different.

Lurleen B. Wallace Community College, Andalusia, AL, November 16, 1991
Marci joins us on the road. Leads workshop for teens. During evening performance, a misplaced piece of glow tape makes Jason falls into orchestra pit during Still Waiting. Not seriously injured and the show went on.

Florida Keys Community College, Key West, FL, December 7, 1991
Shared bill with LE Udaykee. Included a variation of Silhouettes for Marci solo.

Barton College , Wilson, NC, March 17, 1992
This show was booked, and paid in advance, on brochure alone, Diane subbed for Marci. Rear-view mirrors stolen from van.

Haywood County Arts Council. Waynesville, NC. April 11, 1992
Last ever Mind's Eye show. Family performance in unfinished theater reeking of nearby paper mill.