Mind's Eye

Between their inauspicious debut in February of 1986 through their ignominious demise in April, 1992, The Mind's Eye Performance Group, from Nashville TN created and presented some of the most interesting, striking, daring, mystifying, confounding and magical performance art that has ever come out of the southern USA.

Composer Multi-media Artist Allen Green (Allen Welty-Green) and Movement Artist Jason Litchford were the creative nucleus of the group, along with an ever-evolving roster of collaborators and co-conspirators, including Lee Anne Allen, Ita Hardesty, Marci Murphree, Danny Sulkin, C.A. Wolfe and Beat Zenerino.

What began as an idea for visual accompaniments to Green's music soon evolved into a joint aesthetic experiment. They started in small theaters and galleries around Nashville and ended up performing in some of the larger Universities and Art Centers across the Eastern USA - as far south as Key West, as far north as New York and as far west as Columbia Missouri.

This site contains Mind's Eye's archives. Videos, photographs, press clippings, posters, etc. are all contained here, as is an annotated performance chronology of every one of Mind's Eye's shows’Ķ all preserved for posterity.

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